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    Some Notes on Your Artwork

    There are just a few simple rules to follow when creating your artwork that will help to insure a quality output from our printers.

    Create the artwork in the size of your final output.
    If you are creating artwork using raster based software such as Adobe Photoshop or if you are using vector based software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW and your design has raster images such as photos then you must create your image the same size as your final output. For instance if you are designing for an 18" x 24" sign panel then your artwork should be 18" x 24" at 300dpi. If you're using vector based software and all elements of the design are vector based then your artwork can be scaled and you just need to be sure to create the file in the exact aspect ratio of the intended output.

    Create your artwork in CMYK.
    With the new age of digital printing most of our products are now printed digitally using CMYK values. In order for us to match your colors as close as possible, it is optimal that you supply us with the CMYK value for each color in your artwork. If your artwork contains photos or other full color images your artwork will be printed as full color. Please designate in your artwork or on supporting documentation what the exact CMYK values are. If you would like to match your colors to PMS values then please supply those as well. To avoid possible mistakes and delays DO NOT rely on our artist to select CMYK colors from your artwork for you.

    Bleeds and Crops.
    If your design will include a bleed area, please allow for a .25 inch bleed on all sides. Crop marks are not necessary.

    Upload your artwork file(s) here. Be sure to include the Font files as well as any Photos and/or Logos that coincide with your artwork.

    • (max file size 125 MB)

    Include PMS values, if available. If no colors are listed, we will select colors based on your artwork.

    If you need an online Pantone source, please visit

    Please provide us with any special instructions about your design.

    We will provide you with a proof of your design via email.
    Please Note: Production will not start until we receive approval of your layout. This may cause delays in your order.


Due to a gas leak in our area, we will be closed today, Monday November 4th.

We hope the leak and cleanup will be contained soon and will open Tuesday November 5th.
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To Our Valued Customers

We are currently experiencing issues with our online credit card processing.

We are aware of the problem and are working with our payment processor to quickly resolve this issue.

In the meantime, if you would like to place a credit card order, kindly take a screen shot of your checkout page (complete with shipping details) and email it to One of our Customer Support staff will call you for payment information and to finalize the order process.

We firmly believe in the importance of our customers and thank you for your understanding during this short interruption.